How To Get Your First Full Time Marketing Job

- A Hiring Manager’s Promise!

January 28, Thursday 12:00 PST
January 28, Thursday 18:00 PST
January 29, Friday 12:00 PST
January 29, Friday 18:00 PST
January 30, Saturday 12:00 PST
January 30, Saturday 18:00 PST
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Joseph Blanco

A behind the curtains look at EXACTLY what us hiring managers want so you can land a full-time job after college fast.

Here is What You'll Learn

A 100% guaranteed solution to immediately get you more interviews for jobs you actually want and for more pay!

The main reason you aren't getting hired for your first marketing, sales, or business job

It's not COVID

The EXACT in-demand skills us hiring managers want to see on your resume right now


The mistake 98% of college seniors and graduates are making with certification courses and internships and why this is preventing you from getting hired

Exactly what us hiring managers want to hear in your interview that will guarantee you get hired

P.S. it involves 3 numbers


Joseph Blanco, Esq.

CEO and Founder of JobPrepped

-Former Top-level Marketing & Sales Executive at a Fortune 500 Company

-Trained and hired over 3,000 college students and graduates from over 150 US Universities for marketing and sales jobs 

-Skyrocketed up the corporate ladder with these tips and was managing a team of 500 marketing and sales professionals by age 29

-Over a decade of experience in Marketing and Sales

-Given digital marketing trainings at 150+ US Universities including: Stanford, Berkley, UCLA, USC, Texas, and Vanderbilt just to name a few

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January 28th
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28 Jan, 2021 @ 12:00
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29 Jan, 2021 @ 18:00
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